Pepes NFT

The Pepe Simpsons is a collection of 1000 unique Pepe Simpsons NFTs which can be used in the Pepes metaverse and play games to earn

Pepes Token

$PEPES Token is a unique crypto project that focuses solely on the memecoin and NFTs ecosystem across all blockchain chains. The project introduces a memecoin token named "PEPES" built on the Binance Smartchain.



Pepes Roadmap

This is our roadmap so far, but this is only the beginning we want to build our project around our community, so if you have more ideas we are all ears

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Launch Initiaed

Deploy Smartcontract Pepes Token and 1000 Pepe simpsons NFTs will be ready to minted!

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Listing on Exchange

Listing Pepe simpsons token $Pepes on tier 1 Exchange

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The Pepes Swap

We will launch our own dex with staking farming bridge feature

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Pepe simpsons Game

Pepes Gamefi you will be able to play games using the pepe simpsons character, play and earn

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Launch Metaverse

Adventure and explore the world of pepes meet with friends and make transactions virtually

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Upcoming Dapps

We are committed to providing the best product for our investor in the future

Meet Our Team

Some teams call themselves a family, but we actually are one! all designers with a passion for pepes

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Chares Joshua

Team Manager

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Robert Alexander

The Developer

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Kevin Yan

The Developer

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Jennifer Rose

3d Artist

F.A.Q Questions

You can mint on the opensea to get Pepes NFT, We want provide our community with the best quality art from real artist
you can buy on registered dex $pepes make sure you check the $pepes smart contract before making a transaction
Of course you will be able to use on our dapp pepes simpsons game and also on metaverse when it launches
In this project, we have not taken any tax with regard to purchase and sale.
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Join a genuine community of Pepes!

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